Vietnam Embassy Legalization services

 Vietnam is not a member country of the Hague Convention, it doesn’t accept apostilles for the international legalization of documents. If you’re moving to Vietnam and you need to legalize your documents to obtain your visa, your documents need to go through the embassy legalization process. As Americans flock to do business in Vietnam, there […]

Convenient US Apostille Service

  Documents International, LLC is a company that takes care of Apostille and Embassy Legalization needs with professionalism at its highest. We have been in business for over four years and have been world leaders in Apostille and Embassy Legalization services. Finding the right business for your document legalization needs can be time consuming and […]

Find the apostille service you need to marry in a paradisiac Mexican beach!

 If you have ever pictured yourself getting married on a picturesque beach in the middle of Mexico, surrounded by family and friends, you are not alone. Thousands of U.S. Citizens choose to get married in another country every  year. Mexico has many gorgeous destinations where you can plan your dream wedding, alongside some picture perfect […]

Obtaining Italian dual citizenship via a reliable apostille service

 The hundreds of US citizens who apply for dual citizenship for Italy each year are required legally to have a large number of documents certified and translated to meet the requirements of both countries and international law. Forms such as birth and death certificates, adoption and marriage certificates, powers of attorney, court transcripts, and diplomas […]

Apostille services for my dual citizenship?…

  In 1961, the Hague Convention established a uniform manner to determine the validity of legal documents internationally. This standard, called an “apostille,” has at present been adopted by over eighty member nations and consists of a single-page document used to verify a wide range of legal documents from the US. Now, not only has […]

Documents International, LLC helps people take care of their personal and corporate business document legalization needs.

  International romance. A business deal between people thousands of miles apart. Someone with a college education needs it to be recognized to obtain a job overseas. All these scenarios, and countless others, are reason to click on Documents International, LLC. Documents International, LLC is a leading online service that people can use to legalize […]

International Students Utilize Apostille Services To Keep Important Documents Legal Worldwide

  According to several nationally recognized studies there are more than 600,000 international students studying in the United States today. Translating to nearly 4% of all students enrolled in U.S. educational institutions come from abroad. This staggering growth leaves one industry bound for exceptional growth, the Apostille industry. An Apostille is defined as a documentation […]

Si naciste en Estados Unidos y tu padre o madre son mexicanos es muy sencillo obtener la doble ciudadania…

  Cada año que pasa, aumenta el numero de hijos de mexicanos que nacieron en los Estados Unidos que aprovechan la oportunidad de tener la doble ciudadania Mexicana y Americana. Es muy importante recalcar que cuando una persona adquiere la ciudadania Mexicana por medio de la naturalizacion (por tener padre o madre mexicanos), LA PERSONA […]

Teaching in South Korea? Getting the right apostille service is essential.

  Planning to teach in South Korea? You’re already there and you have to renew your visa? One of the most important steps to traveling to a different country is making sure that you have the required documents, specially if some of these documents need to be apostilled or embassy legalized. Having  professional support to […]

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