Our Apostille Embassy Translation services have been trusted around the world since 2005

We provide apostille and document translation services for documents issued in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Additionally, we offer international apostille consulting services for documents issued in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Greece, and India.
Our services are available to clients located in the United States, Mexico, and numerous other countries globally.

We provide our services in both US dollars and Mexican Pesos, ensuring convenience and flexibility for our clients in the United States, Mexico and the rest of the world.

For inquiries and assistance, feel free to reach out to us through various channels:

Phone: +1-212-810-2124
Email: service@apostilla.com
WhatsApp: +1-212-810-2124

Our business address is:
Apostilla.com, 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 32927
Houston, TX 77043

We are dedicated to providing reliable apostille and document translation services, ensuring seamless transactions and customer satisfaction.


Refund Policy:
At Expert Docs, LLC and Documents International, LLC, we are committed to providing exceptional apostille and translation services since 2005. Customers can receive a refund under the following conditions:

Duplicate Payment: If a customer inadvertently makes a duplicate payment for our services, they are eligible for a full refund upon notification and verification.
Overpayment: If a customer accidentally overpays for our services, they are eligible for a refund of the excess amount upon notification and verification.
Incomplete Service: If we fail to perform the work or deliver the documents to the customer, whether by email or shipping as per our service agreement, they are entitled to a refund of the service fee, either in full or partial amount, subject to review.

Delivery Policy:
We ensure prompt and secure delivery of documents to our customers. Our standard shipping methods include courier services such as DHL or UPS, which are reliable and efficient. In some cases, we may utilize hand delivery messengers for expedited delivery. Additionally, depending on the customer’s requirements, we may deliver documents electronically as PDF files via email.

Return Policy:
As our services are intangible and involve the processing of documents, we do not have a return policy. Once the service is completed and delivered to the customer, it cannot be returned.

Cancellation Policy:
Customers have the option to cancel their service within 1 hour of making their payment, provided that the service has not been initiated or started. After this period, cancellations may not be possible as the service would have already commenced. This policy ensures clarity and fairness in our operations, promoting trust and satisfaction among our customers. If a cancellation is requested after the service has commenced, the client may do so by paying a penalty fee and the amount of work already performed or business hours worked.

As a provider of apostille and translation services, we are committed to complying with all relevant export laws and regulations. It is important for our customers to be aware of the following legal export restrictions that apply to our business:

Export of Sensitive Documents: Certain documents, such as government-issued identification, birth certificates, and legal contracts, may be subject to export restrictions. Customers should ensure that they have the necessary authorization and permissions to export such sensitive documents before engaging our services.
Export Controls: Our services may involve the transfer of electronic files and documents across international borders. Customers are responsible for ensuring compliance with export control laws and regulations governing the export of cryptographic software, technology, or other restricted items.
Embargoed Countries: We do not provide services to individuals, entities, or countries subject to trade restrictions, embargoes, or sanctions imposed by the United States or other relevant authorities. Customers should refrain from requesting services for transactions involving embargoed countries or individuals/entities listed on restricted party lists.
Intellectual Property Rights: Customers must ensure that they have the legal rights and permissions to request the translation or apostille of copyrighted materials, trademarks, or other intellectual property. We do not provide services for infringing or unauthorized use of intellectual property.
By engaging our services, customers acknowledge and agree to comply with all applicable export laws, regulations, and restrictions. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel services that may violate legal export requirements or our internal policies.

For any questions or clarifications regarding export restrictions, customers are encouraged to contact us directly before initiating any service requests.

You can find our privacy policy at this URL: https://apostilla.com/privacy/

We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes or updates.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or our data practices, please contact us at +1-212-810-2124 or by email to privacy@apostilla.com

By using our services, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.


At Expert Docs, LLC and Documents International, LLC, we value transparency and want to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of any promotions, discounts, or trials we offer.
Below are the conditions associated with these offers:

Promotions and Discounts: Promotions and discounts may be offered periodically on our services.
The terms and conditions of each promotion or discount will be clearly stated at the time of the offer.
Promotions or discounts may have specific eligibility criteria, such as being a new customer, using a promotional code, or meeting a minimum purchase requirement.
The duration of a promotion or discount will be specified, and it may be subject to change or termination at our discretion.

Trials: Trials may be available for certain services to allow customers to experience our offerings before committing to a full purchase.
The terms of the trial, including its duration and any associated fees, will be clearly communicated at the time of sign-up.
Trials may automatically convert to a paid subscription or service after the trial period ends unless canceled by the customer.
Customers will be informed of any charges associated with the trial and the billing terms for ongoing services.

Disclosure Link or Disclaimer Text: When customers participate in a promotion, discount, or trial, a link or disclaimer text will be displayed prominently during the sign-up process. This link or text will direct customers to the full terms and conditions of the offer, including any limitations, restrictions, or requirements.
Customers are encouraged to review the terms and conditions carefully before participating in any promotion, discount, or trial.
Transparency is key to avoiding confusion and disputes regarding promotions, discounts, and trials. If you have any questions or need clarification about our offers, please contact us at service@apostilla.com.
Thank you for choosing Expert Docs, LLC and Documents International, LLC.

At Expert Docs, LLC and Documents International, LLC, we prioritize the security and protection of our customers’ payment information.
Here’s how we ensure PCI compliance and provide a secure payment experience:

PCI Compliance: We adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to safeguard sensitive cardholder data.
PCI compliance ensures that our payment processes, systems, and protocols meet industry standards for security and encryption.
Secure Website and Payment Form:

Our website, including the payment form, uses HTTPS encryption to secure data transmission between the customer’s browser and our servers.

We implement other security best practices, such as strong authentication measures, regular security audits, and access controls, to protect customer information.

Preventing Card Testing: We take measures to prevent card testing and fraudulent activities on our platform.
Our systems are designed to detect and block suspicious transactions, protecting both our customers and our business from potential risks.

Payment Security with Stripe: When customers make payments through our platform using Stripe, rest assured that their payment information is handled safely and securely. We do not store sensitive payment details such as credit card numbers or CVV codes on our servers. Instead, we utilize Stripe’s advanced tokenization and encryption techniques to process payments securely and protect customer data.

Learn More about PCI Compliance: Customers can learn more about what PCI compliance means for their security by reading about integration security on our website.
We provide resources and information to help customers understand the importance of PCI compliance and the security measures we have in place.
Ensuring PCI compliance and payment security is crucial to maintaining trust and confidence in our services. If you have any questions or concerns about payment security, please contact us at . Thank you for choosing Expert Docs, LLC and Documents International, LLC

We accept major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, to provide our customers with flexible payment options.

Contact Us:
Phone: +1-212-810-2124
Email: service@apostilla.com
Website: https://www.apostilla.com
Address: 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 32927, Houston, TX 77043

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding our fulfillment policies, please contact us using the above information.