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International romance. A business deal between people thousands of miles apart. Someone with a college education needs it to be recognized to obtain a job overseas. All these scenarios, and countless others, are reason to click on Documents International, LLC. Documents International, LLC is a leading online service that people can use to legalize and certify government-issued and other legal documents in other countries. “The Internet is making the world a smaller place every day, but people who want to take care of business in that smaller world, whether it’s personal or corporate, must still deal with international borders and the very real obstacles they can pose.” The Hague Convention of 1961 was one of the more effective ways of making the world a little smaller and easier in which to transact corporate and personal business. Among other things, the United States and the other 89 member nations agreed on Apostille, a system that simplified the document legalization process among those nations. Documents International, LLC offers two different document legalization services, Apostille and Embassy legalization. Embassy legalization in the process by which U.S. documents are legalized for use in nations not covered by the Hague Convention. Because Documents International, LLC offers both services, that means the Web service covers all your international document legalization needs. The Company has served more than 6,000 customers in more than four years of business, including these satisfied customers: _”The service is excellent. I felt like I was the only client,” said Enrique Azpurua of Mexico. _”I thank will all my heart to this company for rendering excellent service perfectly on time,” said Krishnan Subramanian of India. _Your service has exceeded by expectations. You have now proven to be the company I will use for all of my future legalization needs,” said Heather N. Jensen, with Misonix Medical Devices, USA. Birth, adoption, marriage, death certificates and divorce decrees are only some of the documents covered. High school diplomas, college degrees and educational transcripts can also be certified and legalized for international use. Powers of attorney, corporate documents, deeds, wills, agreements and all manner of identification documents — including passports — can be legalized for use in other countries. Even private bills of sale and other documents used to establish ownership of property, including deeds, can be legalized through Documents International, LLC. “‘We recently helped a couple who were trying to adopt an Armenian child,” Documents International, LLC said “After trying on their own and being twice rejected by the Armenian government for lack of proper legalization of their documents, this couple contacted us to expertly organize and legalize their dossier. After clicking on this website, the couple were accepted for adoption without delay.” “Critical documents like birth and marriage certificates, recommendation letters — the whole packet is often called the adoption dossier — need to be apostilled to be valid in other countries,” Documents International, LLC said. America is a melting pot, and some folks desire to be granted secondary citizenship in their ancestors’ native land. “Someone born in New York can become an Italian citizen if he can present birth, marriage and death certificates from his Italian ancestors,” Documents International, LLC said. “People that want to marry someone in a different country may need their birth certificate apostille or legalized through an embassy,” Documents International, LLC said. “Let’s say a woman from Texas falls in love with a man in Germany while she’s studying abroad and the couple wants to marry in Germany. The German authorities require her birth certificate to be apostilled.” “We have over five years experience preparing and making absolutely sure all the required documents are apostilled,” Documents International, LLC said. “I’m sure our service would have been very helpful to Madonna, and I know there are countless others who need our help.” The reasons for getting documents legalized for use in other countries are limited only by those who want to conduct personal or corporate business anywhere in the world. Doing it is easy using Documents International LLC’s four-step process. _Fill out the online order form at www.apostilla.com _A Documents International, LLC representative will contact you by phone or e-mail.You submit the document or, in some instances, a copy by mail or courier to Documents International, LLC _Documents International, LLC will courier the documents, legalized through apostille or an embassy.



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