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Screen your original documents before sending them!

If you need an apostille on your original documents, Documents International, LLC highly recommends you to verify that your original documents meet the apostille requirements.

But aren’t all documents acceptable for an apostille? When an apostille has to be applied to your original documents, not all documents are acceptable. They need to meet the requirements depending on the state where they were issued. For example, when it comes to New Jersey Birth , Marriage and Death Certificates, they need to be Certified Copies by the State Registrar (John Kaminski) and they have to be GREEN.

Please choose the US state where your documents were issued from the list below and follow the guidelines to make sure that your US original documents will be accepted for apostille, in their state of origin, by Documents International, LLC, according to each US state’s requirements.

* Please consider that the requirements are being constantly updated by our team, but each state may change requirements before we update them on our page. If you want to be 100% sure that your documents are acceptable for apostille in the state where it was issued, please send us a copy of your document to our e mail at service@apostilla.com with the subject: “Screen my documents for apostille”

Once you verify your original documents are ready for an apostille, please ship them to our offices along with the order form:

To get started, click on the state where your original documents were issued:

Alabama Apostille
Alaska Apostille
Arizona Apostille
Arkansas Apostille
California Apostille
Colorado Apostille
Connecticut Apostille
Delaware Apostille
Florida Apostille
Georgia Apostille
Hawaii Apostille
Idaho Apostille
Illinois Apostille
Indiana Apostille
Iowa Apostille
Kansas Apostille
Kentucky Apostille
Louisiana Apostille
Maine Apostille
Maryland Apostille
Massachusetts Apostille
Michigan Apostille
Minnesota Apostille
Mississippi Apostille
Missouri Apostille
Montana Apostille
Nebraska Apostille
Nevada Apostille
New Hmpshire Apostille
New Jersey Apostille
New Mexico Apostille
New York Apostille
North Carolina Apostille
North Dakota Apostille
Ohio Apostille
Oklahoma Apostille
Pennsylvania Apostille
Rhode Island Apostille
South Carolina Apostille
South Dakota Apostille
Tennessee Apostille
Texas Apostille
Utah Apostille
Vermont Apostille
Virginia Apostille
Washington Apostille
West Virginia Apostille
Wisconsin Apostille
Wyoming Apostille
Washington, DC Apostille
Guam Apostille
Puerto Rico Apostille
US Virgin Islands Apostille

WHAT IF MY DOCUMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR AN APOSTILLE AS ORIGINALS? If your documents are not acceptable for an apostille in their state of origin, order new copies from www.vitalchek.com or check if you qualify for rush apostille service. rush apostille service…