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Planning to teach in South Korea? You’re already there and you have to renew your visa? One of the most important steps to traveling to a different country is making sure that you have the required documents, specially if some of these documents need to be apostilled or embassy legalized. Having  professional support to ensure that your international documents are in order is essential. There are a number of required documents for traveling to South Korea for purposes of teaching which usually include: US Passport, Visa, apostilled criminal record check, application, apostilled copy of your degree, other academic transcripts and relevant teaching diplomas or certificates and a self assessment health statement. Worrying about your apostille legalization needs can be time consuming and potentially costly if not done both orderly and properly. Professional services are available to take both the stress and strain out of ensuring that you’re most important documents are legalized for international use. Being able to rely on a professional apostille and embassy legalization service will allow you to focus on the other important details relating to your experience abroad. Documents International, LLC offers dedicated knowledgeable services from a successful business that specializes in the area of apostille and embassy legalization  services.