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apostilla para doble ciudadania en mexicoEvery year, there are more American born citizens that qualify for a Mexican citizenship because either their mother or father is a Mexican born citizen. They are now called Mexican Americans (Spanish: mexico-americanos or estadounidenses de origen mexicano). They are Americans that descent fully or partially from the United States. In 2013 Mexican Americans made up about 10.9% of the United States’ population which mounts about 34 million people identified as being of Mexican ancestry. They also comprise 64% of Hispanics and Latinos in America.

If you or your child qualify for a Mexican citizenship, you may be asked to get your or your child’s US Birth Certificate apostilled and translated by a Mexican Perito Traductor.

Documents International, LLC has a team of experienced personal with more than 10 years in the apostille field that will be able to assist you with both, your apostille and your translation by a Mexican Perito Traductor. All you need to do is to write us to

The US is home to the second largest Mexican community in the world, taking into account that Mexico is the first one. It comprises 24% of the entire Mexican originated population in the world. Canada is the third largest with only 0.3% of the Mexican population in the world. These information was updated in 2011.

Mexicans reside in California and Texas mostly, but they also live in states like New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Arizona.

There are about 50 of Mexican Consulates (including the Mexican Embassy in DC) in the United States, they also have a service called “Consulado sobre ruedas” which helps sorrounding communities, because most major Consulates are inside the capital cities only. They will be able to provide you with the requirements in order to obtain your dual citizenship, or if you’re already in Mexico you can always visit your closest Oficina del Registro Civil to get the requirements. There are as well many Mexico based immigration attorneys that will be glad to assist you with this process.

In any of the cases, you may be asked to get your US documents apostilled and translated, and that’s why we’re here for, just send us an email to: and we’ll respond within 8 business hours.