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Change to look of Apostille in California, as of November 1st of 2011…

The California Secretary of State has announced that as of November 1st 2011, the Apostilles will have a change of look that include:

– Apostilles will have a standard header utilized by the Business Programs Division of the California Secretary of State.
– They will be black and white, and will bear a non-embossed California State Seal.
– Apostilles will still contain the California Secretary of State Apostille.
– Conform to the trilingual version of the model Apostille certificate published by the Hague Conference on Private Law in the form of a bordered box with the sides at least 9 centimeters long and allonge (a separate attachment) that is a 8.5 x 11 inches.
– It will have an additional language bellow the 10 standard items contained in a bordered box.
– Apostilles will be affixed to the signature page of the document with staples.
– A red, rubber stamp impression of the California State Seal will be overlapped on the Apostille and the document.
– A link to the California Secretary of State’s website is included on the Apostilles issued by the California Secretary of State since October 1st, 2006. This link on the Apostilles can be used by the receiving party to verify the issuance of the Apostille.

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