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If you have ever pictured yourself getting married on a picturesque beach in the middle of Mexico, surrounded by family and friends, you are not alone. Thousands of U.S. Citizens choose to get married in another country every  year. Mexico has many gorgeous destinations where you can plan your dream wedding, alongside some picture perfect scenarios. From golden beaches with turquoise waters, to old colonial cities  with charm, old buildings, cobbled streets, domes and archways. If you want to get married in Mexico, there is nothing legal or technical stopping you from doing so; but you will need to plan ahead and get a few documents together; fill out our order form (click here to download the order form now), find the the apostille service that suits your needs, and ship us your documents and order form to our New York offices. Documents International, LLC service will provide you with the necessary apostille services for both of your birth certificates from any State within the US. Taking care of this will put your mind at ease and let you concentrate on what is really important, planning your dream wedding!