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Obtaining Italian dual citizenship via a reliable apostille service

The hundreds of US citizens who apply for dual citizenship for Italy each year are required legally to have a large number of documents certified and translated to meet the requirements of both countries and international law. Forms such as birth and death certificates, adoption and marriage certificates, powers of attorney, court transcripts, and diplomas are all commonly required. An apostille is issued by the Secretary of State and certifies the signature of the government officer or notary public that certified your documents. Arising from an international convention at the Hague in 1961, documents affixed with an apostille seal are recognized within the countries that belong to the Hague Apostille Convention. Thus, a reliable apostille service can tremendously simplify the process of obtaining multinational dual citizenship. Documents International, LLC will provide such service and quote the client a flat fee that includes local government, and national government authentication costs.

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  3. This is really good to know that some information regarding the Italian dual citizenship. And it is seems to hard work to get it. But this is really awesome to have two citizenship. I am just curious that dose we need to pay tax in both country.