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If you’ve recently been offered a job in the United Arab Emirates and you obtained your University Diploma in the United States, you may have to legalize your diploma through the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC in order to obtain your work visa over there.

The first step is to send us your diploma -original or photocopy depending on what you’re being required- along with the order form to our New York address:

  • Documents International LLC
    417 Myrtle Avenue, Ste. 129
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
    Ph: 212-810-2124

We will process every step involved in the Embassy Legalization process starting from the notarization up to the UAE Embassy level. The process takes around 2 weeks to be completed depending on the state your diploma was notarized in. -If your diploma is not notarized, we will notarize it for you.

* Please note that the UAE Embassy requires us to submit an accreditation letter ussued from your University to prove it’s a physical accredited University in the United States. The Embassy does not accept any type of online or life experience University Degree.

Should you have any questions please contact us at or give us a call to +1-917-810-2124