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In 1961, the Hague Convention established a uniform manner to determine the validity of legal documents internationally. This standard, called an “apostille,” has at present been adopted by over eighty member nations and consists of a single-page document used to verify a wide range of legal documents from the US.Now, not only has the process for legalization of documents worldwide become standardized, but that same process has been streamlined through one company. Documents International, LLC has proven itself over the past eight years as the easiest, most professional apostille service in the industry.

Among its many services, Documents International, LLC can provide the necessary verification required to pursue dual citizenship in any of the countries which adhere to the Hague universal documentation standards. Apostilla can begin with a birth certificate, recognized only nationally, and convert that document into something which carries legal clout to a wide range of countries, including such diverse nations as Mexico, Russia, Spain,Italy and Australia.

Establishing dual citizenship can be extremely difficult on one’s own, and other vendors of apostille services may overcharge for this service or may lack the specialization that has allowed Apostilla to set the standard for excellence in the industry for almost a decade. In as little as 24 hours but no more than 12 business days, Documents International, LLC will legalize American documentation so that one’s multinational affairs need not be put on hold.