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Apostille services for my dual citizenship?…

apostilla para doble ciudadania en mexico
In 1961, the Hague Convention established a uniform manner to determine the validity of legal documents internationally. This standard, called an “apostille,” has at present been adopted by over eighty member nations and consists of a single-page document used to verify a wide range of legal documents from the US.Now, not only has the process for legalization of documents worldwide become standardized, but that same process has been streamlined through one company. Documents International, LLC has proven itself over the past eight years as the easiest, most professional apostille service in the industry.

Among its many services, Documents International, LLC can provide the necessary verification required to pursue dual citizenship in any of the countries which adhere to the Hague universal documentation standards. Apostilla can begin with a birth certificate, recognized only nationally, and convert that document into something which carries legal clout to a wide range of countries, including such diverse nations as Mexico, Russia, Spain,Italy and Australia.

Establishing dual citizenship can be extremely difficult on one’s own, and other vendors of apostille services may overcharge for this service or may lack the specialization that has allowed Apostilla to set the standard for excellence in the industry for almost a decade. In as little as 24 hours but no more than 12 business days, Documents International, LLC will legalize American documentation so that one’s multinational affairs need not be put on hold.



8 Responses

  1. I may need an apostille, but not of this sort.
    I own a business in south africa, but I do not live there. I have a lien on some equipment, and have the proper documents from the local people there.
    I have now notarized a statement from myself as to the facts, and they are telling me that I may need an apostille on top of that.

    what do you suggest?

  2. My question is if I have a niece that is a US citizen and shes in Mexico. How will I get the Apostille certificate if her parents are not in present. Can you tell me wher or what shold I do to get it. If her and her parents have to go the United State counsel in Mexico to apply for one or it has to be done over here in United state. Thank you so much for your support and efforts and Im looking forward for a good answer. Or if you want me to call the number that has been provide on the web.

    1. Dear Vailei, the Mexican Vital Records Office (Registro Civil) will require her to present a birth cerificate along with an apostille, they’ll also ask for her parent(s) mexican birth certificate. This way she’ll be able to obtain a dual citizenship. To process an apostille for her US birth certificate, please contact us at service@apostilla.com

  3. For purposes of obtaining Italian passports for my children, I need to secure an apostille for each of their birth certs. Do you provide? How does the process work? Timelines, fees, procedure?

    Juan 240-377-1266

  4. Hi I am getting married in  two weeks in the Dominnican Republic and I was told a month ago that I need a birth certificate with an apostille . I was born in Mexico but have leaved all my life her in the USA. I send my birth certificate to a friend in Mexico to get the apostille for me but apparently it got lost in the mail. is there a way that your can help me with this process? I am rounding out of time.