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Car Title (DMV Record) Apostille


Do you need to sell your automobile or bring it from a foreign country into the United States? you may need to get your Car Title apostilled before starting the process, and Documents International, LLC can help you with that.

We have helped hundreds of people in getting their DMV Car Titles apostilled or legalized for international use.


We may have to make a notarized copy or apostille the original document depending on your needs, for example, in Italy, they mostly require original Car Titles apostilled, but there are some other countries that can accept a notarized copy apostilled. If the country of use accepts the notarized copy apostilled, you can start here right now: Click here to apostille your Car Title on a notarized copy.

It is very important to seek professional help for this kinds of situations because this way you make sure that your documents get processed properly and according to the rules of the third party that requested the apostille.

The DMV can also get your document notarized if you require, this is in case that you need your original Car Title apostilled and it doesn’t bear an official signature that can be apostilled.

If you need an apostille on your Car Title to get it registered overseas, you’re in the right place, to start the process you can just click here now or, you can send us an email to cartitle@apostilla.com



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