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Are you a foreign student and need to get your Diploma or Transcripts apostilled or legalized to be able to continue with your studies in your country of origin? Or, did you study a graduate or doctorate in the United States and you need to get the Degree apostilled in order to apply for your dream job in your city of origin or another country?

Click here now to start your apostille process on University documents as copies, this is the fastest and less expensive way of doing it, but you need to make sure originals are not specifically required.

Most of the international students that come into the US are originated in countries like Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Italy, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Spain, Kazakhstan, Honduras, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Chile, Brazil, India, Guatemala, Uruguay, among many others.

Students in the United States take advantage of the high quality programs that our Universities offer and afterwards, they return to their countries to seek better job opportunities, sometimes they even enter doctorate programs that last about 5 years at least and turn into investigators and teachers.

When a foreign student has to legalize or apostille their school credentials, Documents International, LLC is the best option because we have people with more than 10 years of experience in this specific field.

We’re able to process apostilles on your Diplomas, Transcripts and other School or University documents originated from any state within the US, DC and Puerto Rico.

If your documents are already notarized by the school registrar we will be retrieving your apostille or legalization in the state of origin, otherwise we will have to get your documents notarized.

The Hague Convention Apostille has served thousands of people to be able to study in a country and go back to their place of origin or other countries and advance in their carear whether by continuing their studies or by getting a better job.

Documents International, LLC will help you with your Diploma and Transcripts Apostille process, click here to start right now, or send us an email to: diploma@apostilla.com



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