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Apostille your Diploma or Transcripts

Do you need an apostille on a notarized copy of your diploma or transcripts?, will you be presenting your apostille in Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia or any other country that belongs to the Hague Convention? Then you’re in the right place! to get started now fill out this form:


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1. Confirm with the corresponding foreign authority or foreign party that will receive your document, that they will accept a copy of your documents that will have an original seal and signature of a notary, an original county clerk certification, and an original apostille attached.
2. Fill out the above “APOSTILLES ON PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS“ order form, scan and attach to the order form your verifiable documents, and click the submit button.
3. If the scanned documents that you attached to this form are not verifiable, event of which we will notify you and ask you to ship us your original documents to be able to verify them and apostille them in photocopies as described above in point 1.
4.  Turnaround time can go from five to seven working days.
5.  The service “APOSTILLES ON PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS“ does not include translation services of your documents, if you also need a translation service please write us to: translations@apostilla.com
 For more information please email us to copy@apostilla.com
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