About Documents International, LLC

Documents International LLC is a company that specializes in offering world class expedited apostille and embassy legalization services for US documents from any state within the US and Puerto Rico. We also offer additional services such as Mexican apostille, Mexican Translations, Translation Services and Affordable International Apostille and Legalization Consulting Services.

We have unparalleled experience in the field and the efficiency and knowledge that several years track record offers. Finding the right company to provide for your document legalization needs can be a hassle as well as time consuming and a waste of money. It is extremely important to get your documents processed right by an experienced professional.

Throughout our years of successful document legalization experience we have also provided a timely consulting service to those individuals and companies seeking for the required governmental authority authentication for both personal and business documents from any US state for world wide use.

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Our easy-to-use website and straight-forward document legalization process has never been more friendly.

Step 1. Fill out the order form

Order form for Apostille or Embassy Services on original documents:



If you’d like to verify your documents before shipping them, you can take advantage of our “Documents Screening Services” click here now.

Step 3. To Apostille or Legalize your original documents, ship us your documents and service form to:

Documents International, LLC
2002 Timberloch Place, Ste 200
The Woodlands, TX, 77380
Tel. 210-305-4980

or to:

Documents International LLC
417 Myrtle Avenue, Ste. 129
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Ph: 212-810-2124

*Please ship to the corresponding address, depending on the type of service you require, for more information please click here: https://apostilla.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/order-form.pdf

Step 4. Receive your apostilled or legalized documents in a matter of days

Should you have any questions, you may always contact us by phone to: 1-866-299-4379 from the United States, +1-212-810-2124 from outside the United States and 85-25-0218 from Mexico City. If you wish to contact us during non-business hours, you may email us at: service@apostilla.com we always strive to serve you quickly, friendly and efficiently.

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