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Apostille for a Single Status affidavit

A Single Status Affidavit also referred to as a No Marriage Affidavit, Certificate of Freedom to Marry or Certificate of No Impediment, is a sworn statement saying that you are eligible to marry. This document will most likely be required as a supporting document if you are getting married in a foreign country. This document can also be required for employment in a foreign country. If the country where you will be presenting this document is a signing member of the Apostille section of the Hague Convention, you will need an apostille on the document for it to be valid in that country. Documents International, LLC will take care of your document legalization services in an efficient and timely manner. To get started, fill out this submission form and receive an email from one of our customer service associates, click here now to fill out the submission form… For further assistance email us at If you only need an apostille of a photocopy of your Single Status affidavit, check out our rush apostille service.