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Embassy legalization of US documents for Canada

EMBASSY LEGALIZATION OF US ISSUED DOCUMENTS TO BE USED IN CANADASince Canada is not a member of the Apostille Section of the Hague Convention, the Apostille is not recognized as a form of document legalization/ authentication. For a US issued document to be recognized as valid in Canada it has to be Embassy legalized. All personal documents must be certified by the Secretary of State where the document was issued and then it will be certified by the Secretary of State in Washington, DC and finally it will be legalized by the Embassy of Canada in Washington, DC. This documents can be Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce decrees and Powers of Attorney. All other documents such as Diplomas, Transcripts, High School or University degrees, background checks and other legal documents will most likely have to be notarized first in order to have them legalized. Documents International, LLC. can take care of every step needed to have your US issued document legalized for it’s use in Canada. TO GET YOUR EMBASSY LEGALIZATION SERVICES STARTED BY DOCUMENTS INTERNATIONAL, LLC, JUST FOLLOW THIS THREE SIMPLE STEPS. 1. DOWNLOAD THE ORDER FORM: CLICK HERE NOW TO DOWNLOAD AND FILL OUT ORDER FORM. 2. SHIP US YOUR DOCUMENTS AND ORDER FORM TO:

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