Embassy Legalzation for your Diploma

Do you need to Embassy legalize a notarized copy of your diploma or transcripts to be used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Chile, Brazil, Qatar, Bahrain, Guatemala or any other country that doesn’t belong to the Hague Convention? Start now by filling out this form:


Before you start the Embassy Legalization process on photocopies, we strongly suggest that you check if your documents are listed by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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Some Embassies will ask for additional requirements to be shipped to our offices, if this happens, we’ll let you know so that you can have these additional requirements shipped to us as soon as possible.

If the Embassy you need the legalization from refuses to accept your documents, we will only be able to refund you for the Embassy fee because the rest of the process will already be processed (Notary, Notary Certification, Secretary of State Authentication, US Department of State, Embassy Submission).



1. Confirm with the corresponding foreign authority or foreign party that will receive your document, that they will accept a copy of your documents that will have an original seal and signature of a Notary, an original County Clerk certification, and an original Secretary of State authentication and the Embassy Legalization attached.
2. Fill out the above “EMBASSY LEGALIZATION ON PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS“ order form, scan and attach to the order form your verifiable documents, and click the submit button.
3. If the scanned documents that you attached to this form are not verifiable, event of which we will notify you and ask you to ship us your original documents to be able to verify them and apostille them in photocopies as described above in point 1.
4. Photocopies of vital records such as birth, marriage , divorce, death certificates, and photocopies of notarized non verifiable documents, such as notarized powers of attorney, affidavits, acknowledgments, and similar are not acceptable for “EMBASSY LEGALIZATION ON PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS“. However, if you’re being required to submit a notarized copy of a Vital Record or notarized document by your recipient foreign agency, you must submit the original document to our offices.
5. If you require an Embassy Legalization on photocopies of other types of documents not mentioned above, please fill out the above order form and attach a scanned copy of your documents. We will get back to you with solutions that might solve your particular requirements.
6.  Turnaround time is from five to seven working days. If you ship us your original documents, we will send you back your Embassy Legalized photocopies, as well as your original documents.
7. The service “EMBASSY LEGALIZATION ON PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS“ does not include translation services of your documents.
8.If the Embassy you’re requesting the legalization from requires further information, requirements or additional documentation from your side we’ll be contacting you as soon as we’re notified and you’ll have to cover any additional expenses related to these additional requirements.

 For more information, and to confirm that your document is acceptable, please email us to copy@apostilla.com

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