Mexican Sworn Translations (By Mexican “Perito Traductor Oficial”)

For legal and official purposes, official documents with an apostille or legalization are usually required in the official language of the corresponding jurisdiction. This is the case of Mexico, where most likely you’ll be required to submit to the authorities a Mexican Sworn Translation performed by an Official Mexican Perito Traductor authorized by the “Tribunal Superior de Justicia”. In some countries, it is a requirement for translations of such documents that a translator swear an oath to attest that it is the legal equivalent of the source text. Often, only translators of a special class are authorized to swear such oaths. In some cases, the translation is only accepted as a legal equivalent if it is accompanied by the original or a sworn or certified copy of it. Even if a translator specializes in legal translation or is a lawyer in his country, this does not necessarily make him a sworn translator. In Mexico, most translations must be performed by a “Perito Traductor Oficial” in order to have legal validity.

If you need to legally translate your documents and apostilles for use in Mexico, you’re in the right place.

The first step, in case you don’t already have it is to process an apostille for your document to be used in Mexico. You’ll find all the information about our apostille services by clicking here… In 2012 we introduced this new service to our company and by 2016 we are now an important provider of Mexican Translation Services in the US. Fill out this little form and receive a quote to translate your documents by one of our “Official Peritos Traductores” and have them shipped directly to your office or home address, wherever you are in the world:

We officially translate into Spanish a variety of documents for use in Mexico, some of these documents are: – Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death Certificates. – School and University Diploma and Transcripts. – GED’s and other Certificates. – Corporate Documents. – Naturalization Certificates. – Born Abroad Certificates. – Sports Certificates. – Aircraft or Boat Bill of Sale. – Car or Motorcycle Title. – Wills and Deeds. – Powers of Attorney. – Articles of Incorporation. – Invoices. – Court Documents. – Consent Letters. – Job Offer Letters. – Adoption Documents. – Single Status Affidavit. … among many others.

For further information, contact us at peritostraductores@apostilla.com we will be getting back to you within 12 business hours.


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