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Rush Apostille Services

You may qualify for our rush apostille services if you only need an apostille on a photocopy of your document. It is crucial however, that before hiring our rush apostille services, you confirm with your accepting agent or agency, that this option will be acceptable for your purposes outside the country. To apply for this service, fill out the submission form below. * Note: The apostille will be original, the photocopy of your document will get notarized, certified by the County and then apostilled. Should you have any questions please contact us at rush-apostille@apostilla.com

To get started with your rush apostille service, please follow the instructions on the email you will be receiving from our company Documents International, LLC with a secure payment link. Please note that if you’re being required to submit a notarized copy of a Vital Record by your recipient foreign agency, you must submit the original document to our offices. For more information, and to confirm that your document is acceptable, please email us to service@apostilla.com Rush Apostille services don’t include translation services of your documents. Our services are subject to the content of the disclaimer that you can find by visiting this link: http://apostilla.com/disclaimer