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Do you need to apostille your GED Diploma?

 The General Educational Development (GED) is a group of tests that, when completed, certify that the test taker has American High School Level Academic skills. Passing the GED gives High School equivalency to those who are not able to complete or meet the requirements for a High School Diploma. Documents International, LLC provides apostille services […]

Brazil is now accepting and issuing apostilles!

  In 2016, the Congress in Brazil decreed the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, which means that this country is now accepting and issuing Apostilles as a simplified form of legalisation and no Embassy or Consular process would be required anymore. The Hague Convention simplifies the inter-exchange of public and private documents between Brazil and other […]

Chile finally joins the Hague Apostille Convention

 Chile has joined the Apostille Convention, depositing its instrument on December 16, 2015. The Convention will enter into force on Agust 30, 2016. This is great news for all people that needs to exchange documents between the United States and Chile because the Embassy or Consular Legalization will not be required anymore. Documents will be […]

Una vez que tengo la apostilla, ¿necesito traducción por medio de Perito Mexicano para la doble ciudadania?

 Una vez que usted haya obtenido la apostilla sobre el acta de nacimiento de la persona que califica para la doble ciudadania (ver este link para más información), lo más probable es que le soliciten traducir el acta emitida en los Estados Unidos con su apostilla al español por medio de Perito Traductor Oficial autorizado […]

¿Necesitas apostillar una carta poder para que la utilicen en tu país?

 Vives en Estados Unidos y ¿necesitas hacer una carta poder para que un familiar tuyo en el país donde vivías realice un trámite? ¿no sabes por donde empezar? estás en el lugar correcto. Lo primero que debes hacer es preguntarle a la autoridad que te solicitó la carta poder, exactamente que debe contener la carta […]

Were you born in the US and qualify for a Mexican dual citizenship because of any of your parents?

   Every year, there are more American born citizens that qualify for a Mexican citizenship because either their mother or father is a Mexican born citizen. They are now called Mexican Americans (Spanish: mexico-americanos or estadounidenses de origen mexicano). They are Americans that descent fully or partially from the United States. In 2013 Mexican Americans […]

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